New Frontiers in Structure – Based Drug Discovery


The final symposium from the 23rd of September until the 25th of September was a great success! The symposium was organised by two ITNs: AEGIS and TASPPI.
Surrounded by the walls of Convitto della Calza, a 16th century cloister,  researchers from different places gathered to present and discuss their work. Topics included innovative screens on protein-protein interactions, novel targets and target validation, structure-based drug discovery, computational approaches and more. The challenges and opportunities of modern drug discovery in academia and industry also received great attention.

Invited speakers as well as PhD students from different universities and companies gave a talk about their recent findings.
The program covered six sessions: 1) Structure- and Fragment-based Drug Discovery, 2) Intrinsically Disordered and Amyloidogenic Proteins, 3) Chemical biology, targeting & new concepts, 4) Peptides, natural products and non-small molecules, 5) Computational Drug Discovery, 6) Structural biology, biophysics & methods. 
During the conference there was time to visit the posters and at the end of the second day, selected abstracts were presented by the authors in a round of flash talks. On the very last day, BioSolveIT organized a Modeling workshop.

Taken together, there were many great discussions, talks and new things learned on the Final Symposium!

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Thanks to the organizing committee, the sponsors and the attendees for the ability to have this conference!