The TASPPI project recruited the following talented researchers to leading biochemical research groups and companies in Europe.

ESR Position 1 (TU/e): Alice Ballone

Analysis and characterization of 14-3-3 binding to Gab2, SOS1 and c-Jun proteins

ESR Position 2 (TU/e): Federica Centorrino

Characterization and small molecules stabilization of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions

ESR Position 3 (TU/e): Madita Wolter

Drug discovery at the boundary of infection and cancer

ESR Position 4 (University of Leeds): Sonja Srdanovic

Stabilisation of anti-tumour 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions

ESR Position 5 (CUNI): Domenico Lentini Santo

Crystallization of small molecule stabilization of 14-3-3 interaction using peptides

ESR Position 6 (Dundee): Marianna Longo

Control of the human kinome and autophagy by the docking of 14-3-3 proteins onto phosphoproteins

ESR Position 7 (University of Lille): João Neves

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance study of 14-3-3 PPIs and modulation thereof by small compounds

ESR Position 8 (University of Siena): Leire Iralde Lorente

Design and Synthesis of small-molecule stabilizers of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) as a novel class of therapeutic agents and basic research tool compounds

ESR Position 9 (Lead Discovery Center GmbH): Blaž Andlovic

Development and implementation of HTS-applicable assays (HTRF, AlphaScreen, FP) for the identification of small-molecule PPI stabilizers from compound libraries.

ESR Position 10 (Taros Chemicals GmbH): Dario Valenti

Synthesis of small molecules and fragments that stabilize the 14-3-3 PPI within interactions with number of partner proteins (Tau, Gab2, NfkappaB, BAD, BAX, ASK1) that are known to be related to neurodegeneration, oncology, inflammation, metabolic diseases.

ESR Position 11 (Astrazeneca): Claire Munier

Stabilization of the protein-protein interaction between 14-3-3 and glucocorticoid receptor with a small molecule

ESR Position 13 (UCB Biopharma SPRL): Lorenzo Soini

Structural and biophysical characterization of the interactions at the interface between 14-3-3 PPIs and small-molecule stabilizers