Leire Iralde Lorente

In relation of my studies, I started in 2010 the chemistry degree at the Universidad de Zaragoza, where I learned from the basic knowledge of chemistry to the more advance one.
In summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to make a one-month internship in the department of technical operations at TEVA PHARMA.
During my degree, under the European Erasmus programme, I studied the whole academic year at the Université de Rennes I where I took the Master 1 in chemistry. In the course of my stay, I did an internship (8 weeks) in the ISCR of the Université de Rennes under the supervision of Dr. François Carreaux. The aim of the research was the synthesis of enzyme inhibitors.
Throughout the last year of my academic training in Zaragoza I carried out a year internship in the departments of inorganic chemistry and biochemistry of the Universidad de Zaragoza with the guidance of Dra. Maria Concepción Gimeno Floría, named Synthesis of gold compounds with anticancer activity and studies of their properties.
In 2015 I took the Master 2 in chemistry of the biomolecules at the Université de Montpellier II, my Master’s project was in the group SMART of the Institute des Biomolècules Max Mousseron where I carried out the organic synthesis of rotaxanes [C2]daisy chain under the direction of Dr. Frédéric Coutrot.
Currently, since September 2016, I’m doing the PhD in the Università degli studi di Siena in the design and synthesis of small-molecule stabilizers of PPIs under the supervision of prof. Maurizio Botta.

Project topic: Design and Synthesis of small-molecule stabilizers of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) as a novel class of therapeutic agents and basic research tool compounds

The main function of this PhD student will be the development of effective and new synthetic routes and the subsequent chemical synthesis of small-molecule stabilizers of PPIs in collaboration with the others ESR of the TASPPI project.

The creation of this new molecules will be carried out with the help of computational tools in the laboratories of Prof. Botta’s group, with which will work in collaboration and will acquire new skills in computational methods such as ligand docking, pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening, homology modeling and molecular dynamics simulations.

Home country: Spain
TASPPI partner: University of Siena
Supervisor: Prof. Maurizio Botta
Starting date: September 1st, 2016