Blaž Andlovic

I have obtained Master degree in Structural and functional biology at University of Ljubljana. My parents got me a microscope for my 10th birthday. Although simple, it had a quite satisfactory optics. This present opened up a completely new world to me. With great enthusiasm, I began to explore the nature that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. My interest continued to grow throughout my years at the university, and for four years, I have performed voluntary work at the Institute Jožef Stefan where I have done my Master thesis as well. I have gained an understanding of laboratory work and methods of molecular biology. Department at the Institute Jožef Stefan is focused towards understanding the roles of proteases in various pathological processes, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and different neurological disorders (Huntington disease, …). My interests lie on the field of Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Drug discovery and Cell biology.

Project topic: Development and implementation of HTS-applicable assays (HTRF, AlphaScreen, FP) for the identification of small-molecule PPI stabilizers from compound libraries.

Development and implementation of assays for High Throughput-Screening (HTS), cheminformatics, chemical optimization and pharmacology evaluation.

Home country: Slovenia
TASPPI partner: Lead Discovery Center GmbH, Germany
Supervisor: Jan Eickhoff, PhD Head of Assay Development & Screening
Starting date: September 19th, 2016