TASPPI: Description of ESR 9 Position at Lead Discovery Center (LDC)

Development and implementation of HTS-applicable assays (HTRF, AlphaScreen, FP) for the identification of small-molecule PPI stabilizers from compound libraries.

Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) with small-molecules is one of the most promising and challenging areas in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery. Whereas inhibition of PPIs is meanwhile a well-documented and successful strategy, the opposite approach of small-molecule stabilization of PPIs has not been followed systematically. The adapter protein 14-3-3 acts as a “hub” by interacting with several hundred partner proteins in human cells. These 14-3-3 PPIs are implicated in a number of diseases ranging from cancer and neurodegeneration to inflammation and metabolic syndromes.

In the Innovative Training Network Targeted Stabilization of Protein-Protein Interactions (TASPPI), a Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN project, we aim in a consortium of 5 universities (Dundee, Eindhoven, Leeds, Lille, Prague, Siena), 3 pharma companies (AstraZeneca, GSK, UCB), and 2 SMEs (Lead Discovery Center GmbH (LDC), Taros) to identify and optimize small-molecule 14-3-3 PPI stabilizers as novel tools for basic research and starting points for drug development.

The position described here is to be filled at Lead Discovery Center GmbH, Germany. The successful candidate (Early Stage Researcher, ESR) will work together with 12 other PhDs within TASPPI and will be included in a network-wide training and secondment program. As part of the MSCA mobility requirements candidates are eligible for this position when they have spent no more than 12 months of their main activity (work, study) in the last three years in Germany.

Thus, LDC is seeking for a PhD student (f/m) as a part of the before mentioned TASPPI project to perform:

Development and implementation of assays for High Throughput-Screening (HTS), cheminformatics, chemical optimization and pharmacology evaluation


The ESR will implement and perform HTS for the projects of the TASPPI consortium and identify validated hits that will be further optimized and profiled by use of Medicinal Chemistry and in vitro Pharmacology (evaluation of ADMET parameters).

The ESR will apply a broad spectrum of assay technologies as HTRF, AlphaSreen, Surface Plasmon Resonance etc. and will be intensively trained in the field of drug discovery.

The ESR will be additionally trained in project management at the interface of academic and pharmaceutical research, in patent searches and protection of intellectual property.

Organization: LDC
Location: Dortmund, Germany (LDC)
Planned Secondments: 6 months in Lille for NMR analysis of optimized compounds
Employment Type: Full time; for further details please refer to www.tasppi.eu
Period: The position is open from 01.08.2016 and is concluded for 36 months
Required Languages: English
Required Degree and expertise:

M.Sc. in life sciences, e.g. biology, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacy with a strong understanding of cell biology, biochemistry and organic chemistry.

Place of PhD Defense:

ESR will be enrolled in a PhD program at the University Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Students interested in cell biology and drug discovery, pharmaceutical sciences or related disciplines are invited to apply.

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